Super DT3 and CS2P
Super DT3 and CS2P

Product Features

  • Chemical resistant tank
  • Recessed “no drip” top
  • High-efficiency, multi-point manifold
  • Low-level cut-off switch
  • “Whisper quiet” operation
  • Made in the USA


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CleanStation Super DT3 and CS2P Maximize productivity with easy support removal for PolyJet™ parts.

The Super DT3 and CS2P offer automated support removal, greatly reducing labor time and increasing productivity. Compatible with PolyJet technology- driven 3D printers, and SUP706 and SUP707 support materials, these support cleaning systems are designed to thoroughly and easily clean printed models of various complexities and fine details. To protect delicate parts, the systems are equipped with active cooling. The CS2P also offers variable flow options allowing operators to control jet flow rates.

The Super DT3 and CS2P support cleaning systems also feature a no-drip top, integrated basket and lid, whisper-quiet operation and a low solution
level cutoff for safe operation — making it ideal for closed environments.

Dedicated to making your job easier.

The Super DT3 and CS2P make cleaning PolyJet parts as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Place part in basket and immerse in solution
2. Activate support cleaning system
3. Remove part and rinse with water

Super DT3:

Easily cleans small and mid-size parts, and is compatible with Objet260™ 3D Printers.


Get the ease and reliability of the Super DT3, but with a larger tank size to accommodate bigger parts (compatible with Objet500™ 3D Printers), or higher volume of small to mid-size parts.

For Use With:
Objet260 Connex1/2/3™
Objet260 Dental Selection ™

Objet Eden260VS™

For Use With:
Objet260 Connex1/2/3™
Objet260 Dental Selection™
Objet30 Pro™
Objet30 Prime™
Objet350 Connex1/2/3™


Objet500 Connex1/2/3™
Objet500 Dental Selection™
Stratasys J750™

Objet Eden260VS™

Product Specifications

  • Work envelope: 12” x 10” x 10”
  • Tank capacity: 1200 cubic inch, 6 gallons
  • Machine dimensions: 23.5” x 21.3 “ x 19.25”
  • Power requirements: 120V, 15 AMP service
  • Shipping weight 72 lbs.

*temperature setting not to exceed the maximum listed in the user manual

Product Specifications

  • Work envelope: 14.2” x 16.2” x 18”
  • Tank capacity: 16 gallons
  • Machine dimensions: 37” x 43 “ x 50”
  • Power requirements: AC 110 to 120 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Shipping weight 430 lbs.

*temperature setting not to exceed the maximum listed in the user manual