CS2 Series
CS2 with CleanStation Jet-Direct
CS2-P with CleanStation Jet-Direct

What is Jet-Direct? CleanStation Jet-Direct, support removal for difficult geometry and internal cavities

The Jet-Direct attachment offers CleanStation users the versatility of removing soluble support material that can’t otherwise be removed from complicated geometry. 3D printed parts that have difficult geometry or internal cavities can’t be easily accessed through a traditional soluble support removal process. These parts can take a long time to clean, as water and cleaning solution aren’t able to efficiently reach the internal geometry. Longer cleaning times lead to part delamination and compromised mechanical integrity. The CleanStation Jet-Direct attachment offers multiple cleaning nozzles that can be directed to specific geometry where soluble support is difficult to remove. This option substantially decreases cleaning time for these types of parts.

The Jet-Direct option is available for CleanStation models: DT3, CS2, and CS2-PH models only.