Harness the power of CleanStation®
Harness The Power of CleanStation


DT3 Series

DT3 models utilize patented technology giving you the most efficient process for removal of soluble support material. This model features a generous stainless-steel 12 x 10 x 10 work envelope as well as easy to use, pre-programmed settings for one touch operation or you can enjoy the flexibility of a fully-programmable system, setting your own time and temperature for cleaning your 3-D printed models.


CS2 Series

CS2 models are heavy-duty, professional-grade soluble support removal systems optimized to accommodate large parts or quantities of small parts. Mounted on casters and equipped with appliance-style quick-disconnect plumbing, these units can be hard wired and plumbed into place or rolled from one location to another. All CleanStation systems are capable of efficient “batch processing.”


XL Series

XL models feature a work envelope in excess of 23,000 cubic inches, the 100 gallon tank features a 360 degree manifold powered by a 53 gallon per minute, stainless steel pump. Both XL Series machines feature a fully programmable, microprocessor controlled, 16,500 watt circulation heater combined with a 5 fan active cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperature.

Why CleanStation?

CleanStation® is a fast, efficient support removal system with patented technology for faster geometry to model delivery times without warpage or delamination. The set and forget technology allows users the freedom of operating the machine without making constant adjustments. The systems offer quick warm-up and are programmable for time and temperature.

CleanStation® support removal systems are:

  • cleaner
  • quieter
  • faster
  • more controllable
  • more repeatable

Unlike ultrasonic systems, the CleanStation® systems are NOT load sensitive, or geometry specific, offering efficient batch processing for maximum throughput. The CleanStation® support removal system is heavy-duty, industrial grade and whisper quiet operation makes it suitable for even office or classroom use. Read MoreContact us today! email or call (763) 425-1383 ext 309

CleanSation XL Plus with optional Lift System