CleanStation DT Jr

General Info

“All of what you really need; none of what you don’t.”

High efficiency support removal starting at MSRP $1499

Soluble support removal for:
Dimension uPrint and uPrint Plus 3D printers
HP Designjet 3D Personal Printers

Product Photos


  • High value, entry level CleanStation®
  • 9” diameter x 10” depth work envelope
  • 636 cubic inch, 3 gallon, all stainless steel tank
  • 625 watts preset heat
  • 1 hour warm up
  • Simple “single touch” manual control (attended operation only)
  • Circulation: 119% per minute
  • Integrated lid and parts basket
  • Recessed “no drip” top
  • 120v, 10amp service
  • High efficiency, single-point manifold
  • Less waste: smaller environmental foot print
  • Patented (US Patent: 7546841) “Heat, agitation and flow” technology
  • Made in USA
  • 6 month warranty
  • Shipping weight 35 lbs
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